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purely for fun...

some iffy photos, (that we might not use elsewhere) funny things we did, (that might not have worked) those odd bits that aren't quite up to scratch (probably.)

The secret Royal Footmen page...

2nd footmen cartoon.jpg
footmen crown.png

Hello wonderful, curious friend! You found your way here to our secret page, which is purely for our own and (hopefully) your, entertainment. It'll be updated as sporadically as our creative lives allow, so check in now you know how to find us, and send me an email entitled 'The secret Royal Footmen page' if you'd like to add anything (anonymously or not) to share on the page with the other strangers who find their way here. 

royal footmen funny at wedding.jpg

The feeling in the office when...

Royal Footmen magazine cover.jpg

The guys had this photo taken whilst they rocked it at Hampton Court Palace, and they thought it looked like an album cover - so I made it for them

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