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Comic, Classic and Classy Event Entertainment

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The Royal Footmen have been entertaining flocks of people for over 20 years. The core Royal Footmen performers have over 100 years of entertainment experience between them, and as the years have gone by, their talents have honed and toned and we now train all of our new performers to follow in The Royal Footmen feet. We have numerous clients who continuously re-book us. Our form of comedy is unique in the field, and they still laugh, no matter how many times they see us. 

It's always been very hard to market our product. How do we describe what we do? As Ice-Breakers? As Movers or Shakers? Meet and Greeters and Funny Bone Feelers? 

One of our long-standing clients describes us in this way:

"You have to see them (us, the Royal Footmen) to understand what they do, but they are hilarious."


So, we could say that we have the secret recipe to modern comedy entertainment. Yes it is a secret. Yes, there are things we quietly whisper in the newbies ears. And no, we aren't telling you how we do it.

royal footmen cartoon 2.jpg



'Hello' magazine

'The Sun' newspaper

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"A HUGE thank you from us all for your amazing work last night, you really did give your A Game and the client was super happy, so thank you for being such a massive part of this.


It was a huge event and required lots of thinking on our feet and working together to make it all work which you all did with humour and positivity." 


Kensington Palace | 6 x Royal Footmen and 4 x Palace Guards

"You're a sight for sore eyes!"

Russell Grant | Marks and Spencers, Oxford Street | 10 x Christmas Elves

"Never seen Footmen like you before! Well done!"

Duke of Edinburgh | Buckingham Palace | 2 x Royal Footmen


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